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Can I use Linux on an HP Laptop?

Similar to Dell laptops, Linux can be installed on most HP laptops that meet the hardware requirements. HP themselves suggest Ubuntu as the Linux distribution of choice. To be 100% sure Ubuntu have compiled a list of Laptops that have been certified here.

For those looking for a Linux first laptop from HP, look out for the HP Dev One, which comes pre-installed with Linux out of the box. The distribution is called Pop!_OS and is based on Ubuntu with a bespoke Gnome desktop called Cosmic.

Are HP Laptops good for coding/programming?

Fundamentally all coding requires is a basic text editor which all laptops can handle, however there is always more to coding than just editing files. If you intend to run applications such as Docker utilising Windows Sub-system for Linux as well as VSCode, simply put you'll need a laptop with a bit more power.

The model range most suited to the increased requirements would be the gaming range HP OMEN laptops and the workstation range of ZBook laptops. Both ranges come with lots of potential, but you'll need a minimum of 16GB RAM to get you going.