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Refurbished Dell Alienware Laptops

Save up to an amazing 70% off new RRP with Dell Certified Refurbished Alienware gaming laptops. Why pay more than you need to for the ultimate gaming laptop?

Refurbished Dell Alienware Laptops

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Alienware Gaming Laptops

Alienware gaming laptops offer incredible optimised power and high-performance features to exceed the requirements to play the latest games and 3D video media applications whether out and about at a gaming convention or back at base at home.

With unique evolved design, specially selected high clocking processors, low latency RAM, ultra-fast storage options and extremely powerful dedicated graphics capable of handling anything you could demand of it all with advanced cooling technology that maintains system stability during moments of intense performance. Blistering speed, breath-taking graphics, immersive advanced display options in either 14”, 15” or 17” models and great upgradeability, Alienware gaming laptops deliver an experience that’s both individual and ideal and sets users on the road to gaming glory and beyond!

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Are Alienware laptops good for school?

Yes, many Alienware laptops are sleek and lightweight enough to be effectively used for schoolwork whilst also being able to handle gaming such as the Alienware X14.

What is the difference between Dell and Alienware?

Alienware is a subsidiary of Dell with a range that is more dedicated to gaming computers.

Are the Alienware Laptops as powerful as the PCs?

Whilst still being powerful machines the laptops are more focused on portability and convenience of the gaming experience. Whereas when it comes to the extreme levels of performance and upgradeability the PCs tend to be higher regarded in that category.