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Refurbished Acer TravelMate Laptops

The Travelmate series by Acer is the perfect laptop for business oriented minds looking for a functional and reliable companion that can handle their day to day tasks.

Refurbished Acer TravelMate Laptops

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Acer TravelMate Range

Quickly and easily stream your chosen content , check emails and work tasks or post on social media with this effective all rounder of a device. Fantastically engineered but also fairly lightweight meaning they can easily be packed up and taken on the go which is a key factor to many consumers in the modern world.

With certain models having up to 12 hours of battery life it gives the user adequate of time to carry out their chosen tasks before needing to charge. Travelmate’s also have a solid choice of ports to choose from , functional and comfortable keyboard and touchpad and crisp audio pumped out via the speakers that can for the most part be found on the base of the laptop.

When all these factors are considered it is no surprise that the Travelmate series remains one of the best choices for professionals always on the move.


Is Acer Travelmate good for gaming?

Unfortunately this laptop is not powerful enough to run many of the current most popular games . However it does have the capabilities to run certain games.

Is the Acer Travelmate upgradeable?

Yes certain models do have the capacity for upgradability such as the Acer Travelmate P2 (TMP215-52) .

What is an Acer TravelMate?

An Acer Travelmate is a sleek and professional laptop usually aimed towards business -oriented consumers.