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EuroPC offer high quality certified refurbished Dell PowerEdge rack and tower servers at minimum cost. From entry-level servers to high performance enterprise-class servers, buy new and certified Dell and HP refurbished grade servers at unbeatable prices.

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Servers in essence are still simply computers in a different layout. The 2 main layouts are Tower and Rack. Tower Servers are akin to traditional Desktop Towers and on the whole, are very similar. Rack Servers on the otherhand have a form factor that lends itself very well to fitting inside, you guessed it, a rack. Racks are designed to fit a lot of computers(servers) in a small space and hence this slimline form factor works very well.

What usually makes a server different from a computer however is it's capacity. Servers are designed to be able to host many storage drives, memory modules, processors and network cards. Normally there is a very specific task in mind for servers and given that they generally hold critical information, a server will allow you to setup your storage so it replicates across multiple drives.

With all these options, it's no wonder why a configure and buy approach is required and that's exactly what we offer on the site. After you have found the chassis and CPU that is most suited to your busiess, you can build the exact specification that will suit your task and of course, if you are stock, we have the team available on Live Chat to help you with whatever you need.


What is a typical use case for a server?

Servers can be used for anything you need. Typical use cases are web server, database server, mail server, application specific server or a simple file server. The most common use from the previous list nowadays is web server.

What is better, a tower server or a rack server?

This is more a question of circumstances. If you are a small to medium sized company that doesn't have their own rack, then a Tower server will suit your needs much better. If however you already have a server room with a rack, then a rack server would be best as generally rack servers have a bigger capacity for memory and hard drives.