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Dell Inspiron Refurbished Desktop PCs

Tidy desktops that are well equipped to handle everyday multitasking with great connectivity via Wifi and multiple ports to support all your devices.

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If you want a machine that can be upgrade to a max of 64GB DDR4 and 2TB of storage, this is the range for future proofing your investment.

Dell Inspiron Desktop PCs come equipped with Wifi and the ability for 5.1 channel sound, optimised by Waves MaxxAudio® Pro.

The Dell Inspiron Desktop is well equipped with multiple USB ports (Type A and C), HDMI port (supporting version 1.4) and an audio jack. The All-In-Ones (AIO) come equipped with a webcam that can easily be hidden (pushed away) for privacy. Check specification section for each model on the website for more information.


Are Dell Inspiron Desktops good for gaming?

Certain models within the range can run certain games however without dedicated graphics cards etc they will not be as powerful for gaming as other Dell desktops on the market.

What is the difference between Dell Inspiron and Dell XPS desktops?

The main difference between the two ranges really is their target market. Inspiron is considered to be a more entry level product whereas XPS are designed as more high-performance machines.

Do Inspiron Desktops come with built in ODD (Optical Disk Drive)?

Certain models within the range such as the Inspiron 3910 Desktop do come equipped with an ODD.