Refurbished Printers

Whenever you need to make copies of those precious family photos or have that important work ready in time, at EuroPC we have you covered with our varied selection of refurbished printers from top brands such as HP, Acer and Epson to name a few.

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Whether you are looking for a simpler and smaller designed single function printer that will fit neatly into your workspace or you wish to branch out with a higher end multifunction printer which as the name suggests allows you to carry out a more extensive range of tasks than just printing paper.

The multifunction (or all-in-one) printers come equipped with more features and allow you to carry out tasks such as emailing, faxing and scanning. Many of these models also offer Bluetooth and WiFi printing options allowing you to work on the go and collect the copies when convenient.

Refurbished Printer FAQs

Will a refurbished printer work as well as a new printer?

Yes, all printers are thoroughly checked to ensure the print quality is as good as new.

What are Eco Friendly printers?

A lot of manufacturers are now doing away with the costly and non-eco-friendly printer cartridges and instead replacing them with tanks of ink. The tanks can generally hold more and the ink can be purchased in larger quantities reducing the volume of waste and reducing the cost.