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Refurbished Dell G Series Laptops

Available in 15” or 17” models, the latest CPUs, powerful graphics, RAM and storage, the Dell G Series gaming laptop is the perfect fit between price and performance.

Refurbished Dell G Series Laptops

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Throw yourself into a wonderful and immersive gaming experience with the G Series by Dell. The devices in this series come loaded with the latest AMD and Intel processors making them able to deliver responsive and flawless performance even whilst under the pressure of running modern day games. The Dell G Series gaming laptops are designed for budget-conscious consumers who want high performing gaming technology features and versatility that doesn't cost the earth.

Powerful NVIDIA graphics provide a stunning and clear uninterrupted gaming experience allowing the user to get lost in a different world. Impressive thermal designs which have previously been seen on the Alienware series work to keep all the important components cool and working as efficiently as possible by keeping clock speeds higher for longer.

Despite all of its amazing features and complex hardware the devices within this series are fairly uncomplicated to set up and use. With up to 8 hours of battery life and quick start up and load times you can be sure that you can get right to the gaming fun with no delays relating to set up or performance.

These sleek, yet powerful gaming laptops are ideal for entry-level gamers or gamers new to PC gaming who aren’t sure they are ready to invest in a premium high-performance gaming laptop such as the Alienware laptop model. With budgets tighter than ever, the Dell G Series laptop offers tremendous value for money. Whether you're gaming, streaming videos, or working on CPU-intensive projects, experience uninterrupted performance with the most cost-effective laptop in its class.

Available in 15" or 17" models with optimised performance profiles with Alienware-inspired thermal cooling, the latest processors from Intel or AMD, powerful graphics, memory and storage built for speed, the Dell G Series gaming laptop family is the perfect fit between price and performance.


What is the highest performing device within the Dell G Series?

In most discussions the G-15 model would be considered to be the highest performing variant within the series with certain G-15’s having spec comparable to more expensive Alienware models.

What is the difference between the Dell Alienware and Dell G Series?

Whilst there is many specification related and visual differences between the models to be very brief , Alienware devices typically come with higher processing power and are also usually more expensive.

Can you modify the processor on the Dell G5?

No. The processor on the dell G5 cannot be changed as it is integrated into the motherboard.