Refurbished HP EliteOne PCs

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Create a stylish and modern workspace with the HP EliteOne series. With an elegant design, ultra-thin profile, and excellent cable management system, bulky desktop are now a thing on the past!

Conference with confidence. The HP EliteOne series offer the latest in anti-glare technology, high-definition integrated webcam and Bang & Olufsen speakers.

Fast, reliable, and responsive. HP EliteOne users can benefit from the latest Intel® Core™ processors and are able to configure storage capacities to meet all business needs.


Are Wireless and Wired keyboards both compatible with HP EliteOne AIO Desktops?

Yes, the variety of ports allow for either type to be connected.

Do HP EliteOne AIO Desktops have Fingerprint readers?

Yes, some models in the range do have optional fingerprint scanners such as the HP EliteOne 800 G5 AIO.

Are HP EliteOne AIO Desktops good for gaming?

These devices do have strong processors and selected models have dedicated graphics cards and high memory. So in theory yes these devices can be good for gaming dependent upon individual spec.