Refurbished Dell XPS PCs

When it comes to powerful levels of performance combined with loads of upgradeability all packed into a graceful design few do it better than Dell XPS Desktops

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Dell XPS Desktops

These machines are designed to run at high speeds for longer due to their advanced thermal designs so you can be confident of no crashes or lags during those long sessions!

Loaded with up to 12th Gen Intel processors and immersive graphics options from either NVIDIA or AMD the XPS desktops can handle many different projects and task with ease. Certain models come badged with Creator Edition which means they are packed with creative tools to help the user create art or their chosen task faster and better.

Plenty of PCle slots and space for hard drives and more memory etc show why this device is superior when it comes to its upgradeability. A sizeable chassis and the tool-less entry feature also allow the user for further ease of access when wanting to work on any internal features.


Do Dell XPS Desktops have a HDMI port ?

Multiple models within the range do have a HDMI port for example the XPS 8930. Please look at the specification page for more information.

Do Dell XPS Desktops run quietly?

Compared to many other desktops the XPS series are considered to be quiet. The designs include advanced thermals and increased airflow to keep the general running noise as low as possible.

What is the difference between Dell XPS Desktops and Dell Inspiron Desktops?

At face value Inspiron would be considered to be more entry level machines whereas XPS is more of a higher-end option.