Refurbished Dell Latitude Laptops

Dell Latitude laptops offer enterprise level security and ultimate durability to stay productive all day no matter where work takes place.

Refurbished Dell Latitude Laptops

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Push the limits of performance with the exceptionally powerful Latitude series by Dell. Being one of the undoubted industry leaders when it comes to security with certain models boasting all new impressive privacy features such as Onlooker detection and Look Away Detect allowing you to work anywhere securely.

Models in the Latitude series come designed with thin bezels giving you a high screen to body ratio and spacious work area packed into a small and light design. Vibrant and seamless colours with certain models also coming equipped with ComfortView Plus which works t reduce those harmful blue light emissions.

Latitude's are designed with ocean-bound plastics and were the first portfolio at Dell to use bio-based plastics. All Latitude PCs also are EPEAT gold registered which means that they meet the highest criteria standards possible according to the Global Electronics Council. With all these factors considered it is clear to see why Latitude's are a top choice for consumers or businesses who are focused on sustainability.

Dell Latitude laptops and Latitude 2-in-1's are designed with seamless collaboration and connectivity features with intelligent performance for at-the-desk or on-the-go versatility. Select a 13", 14" or 15" display, the latest processors, fast memory and advanced enterprise level security to grow your productivity without compromise with the Dell Latitude laptop family.


Are Dell Latitude laptops touchscreen?

Yes certain models in the range do have touchscreen capabilities such as the Latitude E7470.

Are Dell Latitude laptops good for gaming?

Certain models within the Latitude range do have the capabilities to run certain games such as the Latitude E6440 but primarily this laptop range is aimed at Business Use.

How many different series of Latitude laptops are there?

There are 4 different series each with its own numbers. These 4 series are 9000, 7000, 5000 and 3000.