Refurbished Acer Nitro Laptops

Acer Nitro Laptops are aimed at those who like to game on the move. Acer Nitro laptops are well equipped with Intel processors and Nvidia graphics cards to handle modern Windows based games.

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The Acer Nitro Series

The Nitro laptops exist in 2 flavours, a Nitro 5 and a Nitro 7. They are both gaming laptops with some notable differences. The i7 for example comes with a metal case, additional graphics RAM and a longer battery.

Both models of laptop have a dedicated Nvidia graphics card, taking your gaming to new levels.


What is better for gaming on a laptop? an Acer Nitro or Acer Predator laptop.

The answer is both, depending on what your budget is. Both are laptops designed with the capabilities to handle chunly games. However the Predator range is more on par with Alienware machines whereas the Nitro range is more on par with the Dell G series. So depending on your budget you may find one is better suited for you over the other.

Can you disable the laptop key lights?

Yes, there options in the BIOS to allow this, however the more common question we receive is how do you keep it on permanently, the answer lies in the same place in the BIOS.