Refurbished HP Stream Laptops

If your looking for a PC that's an excellent all-rounder, boasts an exceptional battery life and is suitable for your on the go lifestyle then look no further than the Stream series by HP.

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HP Stream Series Laptops

Not only are the designs of the Stream Series portable and efficient they are also stylish and come in a variety of different stunning colours. Built for improved performance with a familiar user friendly interface the Stream can be a great laptop for anyone.

With certain models boasting up to a 13 hour battery life you can be sure that you have plenty of time to stream your favourite content or complete that work task before needing to worry about re-charging. Packed with high performance Intel Processors and graphics combined with plenty of storage options and all the ports you could need it is easy to see why the Stream series is regarded as a great day to day all-rounder of a machine.

Multiple models in the range come equipped with dual front facing speakers which allows you to feel the audio from your favourite music, tv show or game coming right at you for a far more immersive experience.


Does HP Stream work offline?

Yes, depending on what task you are carrying out (like typing up a document for example) the Stream can work without being connected to the internet.

Is HP Stream good for school?

The stream is a good affordable entry level device that could be ideal for a student. It is capable of carrying out all the day to day tasks you would need and it also looks good at the same time!

Is HP Stream good for Gaming?

No, the stream series typically runs on Intel Celeron CPUs and has integrated graphics making it unable to run any graphically demanding games.