EuroPC Christmas Fundraising Reaches an All Time High

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The Christmas spirit might not be filling the streets as much as we are used to this year, but I am feeling very festive here in the EuroPC Marketing department (aka my living room, thanks Covid), and it’s all down to our very own Karen Clark and Scott Fraser. For the third year in a row, Karen and Scott have been encouraging their fellow employees to dig deep and help local charities supporting kids at Christmas. This year was a phenomenal year for Karen, Scott and the team as they managed to raise an outstanding £600. 

I caught up with Karen to ask about their amazing efforts.

This is the third year you and Scott have been doing this, which is an outstanding effort. Can you tell me why you decided to start up the fundraising to begin with?

I saw on Facebook that a local group were collecting gift donations for kids in the Glasgow area, but they had very little donations, and still hundreds required. I thought what better way to spread some Christmas joy than to help. I spoke with our CEO Mark and he loved the idea, so it went from there.

This year the team chose to give to ‘Bank on Us’ a local Glasgow charity. Can you tell me what made you choose this charity over others?

I just think it was a great idea and it was helping local children, who don’t have much, to at least get a little something special on Christmas. After the year we have had I think everyone deserves a little something at Christmas.

Amazing, I couldn’t agree more. Speaking of the year we’ve had, were you worried about being able to raise the money and purchase the gifts given our local restrictions?

With regards to raising money, I am normally going around everyone with my little envelope trying to get donations, this year was a bit more difficult as I was having to rely on people reading my emails. As it got closer to the date of shopping, I took to teams and asked people individually about donations. Everyone was very generous, one of my sales team even donated £100 and along with Mark’s wonderful £200 donation we had our best year yet.

I was blown away this year.

Wow, I’m not surprised. That’s fantastic to hear. Having to undertake all that shopping must be fun, but challenging. What sort of things do you choose?

I always have a toy and a selection box, this year there was a toy, some gloves, a selection box and a little tub of Haribo sweets. We get a mixture of ages as well.

Sounds great, I know I would be happy with that. How did you manage to deliver the gifts? I can’t imagine it would have been an easy task this year?

Thankfully, it was pretty straight forward. With masks on and sanitiser in hand I dropped our gifts off to the coach at Summerston Youth as they were acting as a drop off point.

Fantastic! Well I can’t speak for everyone at EuroPC but you have definitely managed to send some Christmas joy my way.

Find out more about ‘Bank on Us’ Glasgow, and the wonderful work they are doing here.

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