22 Inch Monitors

22" Monitors suit specific purposes, lightweight, portable and reduced sizes make them perfect for that specific task where larger monitors are too much.

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A 22 inch (22") monitor or display is maybe not everyones first size of choice, however they can be perfect for some personal or business related tasks. A small monitor is not meant for playing the latest games on given their reduced resolution, it is instead much rather suited for a specific purpose. Given their smaller size they lend themselves to screens that can be added to a Point of Sale terminal in a shop, screens that are perhaps required for showing status information. Given that they are light weight, they are also easily portable and could even be carried in some large laptop bags. If you have a specific requirement, these screens may be right for you.


What are 22" Monitors good for?

Not everyone needs a large monitor. When the constraints of the desk area come into play, 22 inch monitors are ideal for multiple monitor setups. They also make great monitors for students who may wish to carry them about.

What are the typical dimensions of a 22" monitor?

Like TVs, the inch size of a monitor reflects the diagonal length. A 22 inch monitor is 55.9 cm diagonally.