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PowerEdge Servers – IT Unbound

Whatever your business data infrastructure is, Dell PowerEdge servers help organisations take advantage of impressive agility and performance at cost-effective options, plus unrivalled security, manageability, and scalability. Available in a range of forms and sizes, from one, two or four-socket rack servers, to mini-towers to rack-capable Tower platforms, Dell PowerEdge servers offer the performance, versatility and secure compute infrastructure that are ideal for small, large, and remote offices.

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The latest Dell PowerEdge servers are developed around four key pillars, delivering features that are specifically designed to enable customers to transform their IT operations and infrastructure:

> Scalability
> Autonomous management
> Adaptive solutions
> Proactive security

Dell PowerEdge Server Scalability

Scalable Business Architecture

Adapt and scale to dynamic business needs, optimising performance for a multitude of workloads. Create your future-ready data center with easily expandable compute, networking and storage.

Dell PowerEdge Tower Server

Tower Servers

One-socket (single CPU) tower servers offer a cost-effective, entry-level solution for businesses migrating to servers from PCs or laptops. Designed for core office workloads, like file sharing, print, point of sale, and database applications.

Two-socket (dual CPU) tower servers offer a deeper variety of features to accommodate high performance applications like web serving, consolidation, and virtualization. They include more cache and speed, as well as the flexibility for expansion and additional processors.

Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers

Rack Servers

One-socket (single CPU) rack servers offer a cost-effective balance of performance and storage capacity to make IT easy. Designed to easily grow and evolve with your business.

Two-socket (dual CPU) rack servers offer a wide variety of features to accommodate more demanding workloads. Offered in price and performance configurations to suit most environments.

Four-socket (four CPU) rack servers are the workhorses of the data center, offering the highest performance for the most demanding workloads like data analytics, AI and GPU database acceleration.

Intelligent Automation

Automate entire server lifecycle from deployment to retirement and free up skilled resources with intuitive OpenManage systems management console.

End-to-end Capabilities

Enable innovation with Dell EMC PowerEdge and trusted solutions from one of the industry’s richest portfolios of products and services.

Processor CPU Intel Xeon Scalable Processors … more info 

Processor CPU AMD EPYC Processors … more info 

Dell PowerEdge Server OpenManage
Dell PowerEdge Server Security

Integrated Security

Fortify business with security that is built into hardware and firmware of every Dell PowerEdge Server. Whatever your specific requirements, you can use Dell PowerEdge Servers to deliver a worry-free infrastructure that’s secure and scalable, with no compromises.

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