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Hard Drive Capacity

Hard Drive Capacity

HP Envy Laptops

The modern day consumer longs for both effectiveness and style when it comes to their laptops and the ENVY series by HP was developed with this exact fact in mind.

HP Envy Laptops

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  • Hard Drive Capacity: 1 TB to 2 TB

The HP Envy Series

With astonishing levels of power packed into wonderfully sleek and stylish designs, it is no surprise that the ENVY series is considered one of the most elegant laptops on the market. The expertly engineered all-aluminium casings also provide great durability and make for a lightweight feel.

The models in the ENVY range all include the latest intel core processors and top of the range NVIDIA or Intel graphics cards with up to 16GB RAM memory. Once all these features combine the user is provided with a fast and smooth experience even when carrying out more demanding tasks. Another great feature of the ENVY series is the fact that they were designed to prioritise battery life with certain models having up to an impressive 20 hours!

Beyond just the visual and performance aspects the ENVY models take personal security to another level! Some models come fitted with the HP Sure View privacy screen which works to prevent anyone sitting or standing nearby being able to look in at the screen from a side angle. Certain models also boast a built-in fingerprint reader allowing the user to easily gain access to their own device despite it having all these great security features.


What can HP ENVY laptops do?

The ENVY series has the power and potential to do lots of different things. Effectively stream your favourite movies and TV shows , gaming , editing videos and photos to name just a few!

Do HP ENVY laptops have touchscreen capabilities?

Certain models in the range do have touchscreen such as the HP ENVY 13-ba1013na.

Are HP ENVY gaming laptops?

Some models in the range do have the power for gaming such as the HP ENVY X360 13.